About Us

The name Design for Soul, Mala Collection captures our true purpose in creating a unique line of beautiful hand-crafted Malas in the form of your personal jewelry.

These energy infused beads have been fashioned from precious stones and crystals each carrying healing powers that have guided various faiths and spiritual growth for hundreds of years. Whether the Malas are intended for meditation, prayer or inspiration they may only assist in your personal journey. 

 Once our Malas are handcrafted, we cleanse and release with a sacred sage and rose ritual any unwanted energy that may have been attracted during the manufacturing process. With loving prayer and intention, we reaffirm to the universe the Malas true purpose.

History of the Mala, was introduced into the Hindu ,Buddhism and Catholic faith. The Mala is made of 108 precious beads and a half Mala consist of 54 beads. It is believed that the heart centre (chakra) has 108 energy channels that flow to all other parts of the human body. As we set our intention during our spiritual practice, we reaffirm our affirmations as we gently guide our fingers from each bead, while making our way around the entire mala. This is believed to be a very powerful practice to manifest our inner desires; as well, by wearing the mala throughout the day, we are reminded of the intention we want to create.  All adult Malas are approximately 21 inches in length. The tassels are approximately 2 inches in length and made with authentic silk thread. No Malas are identical as they are handcrafted. 

We would like to thank you for supporting us in our own personal journey.